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Physical Therapy

We Create Your Personalized Plan

Bodyworks creates an individualized exercise program designed specifically for each patient’s special needs and goals.  

We use traditional and non-traditional exercises, various modalities, and advanced techniques to lead patients through their customized plan to gain strength, flexibility, and recover from injuries and surgeries faster and more completely than without Physical Therapy. 

Benefits Of Physical Therapy

Avoiding Surgery

Although not always the case physical therapy can help you avoid surgery, however if you do still need surgery starting PT before your surgery has been shown to help you recover quicker.

Pain Management

This is probably one of the biggest reasons to start physical therapy. When you regularly stretch and exercise your joints and muscles you can help reduce pain and even keep it from returning.

Fewer Prescription Drugs

If you are able to reduce your pain through physical therapy it can reduce your need for prescription pain-killers which is better for your body.

Improved Mobility

It can be very frustrating when you can no longer do the things you use to do. With physical therapy, we can help you improve your mobility which can help you at any age.

Fall Prevention

If you are prone to falling we can work with you on your mobility and your balance. By strengthening both of these things you will be less likely to fall.

Injury Recovery

If you have experienced a work or sports injury or been injured around the house, physical therapy can help you recover from your injury faster.

Injury Prevention

If you are prone to injuries because of weakened areas of your body we can work with you to strengthen your body and teach you exercises to help you prevent future injuries.

Medical Issues

If you have been diagnosed with arthritis, osteoporosis or other medical issues, physical therapy can help you to maintain your lifestyle and reduce symptoms associated with those diseases.

Our highly trained experts will monitor and evaluate your status and progress to ensure you are making the most out of each appointment. Your plan will be created based on your personal needs and adjusted as you reach your health goals and meet progress milestones.

Our personalized approach will allow you to get the very best out of each visit with Bodyworks. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.